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About Ceremony and Ritual

The Authentic Self

Shafia Speaks on Ceremony and Ritual
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From a little age, I remember my grandmother who was always seen to be in a state of some ritual or a state of joy.  She revelled in caring for her rose garden, meticulously plucking the leaves at a certain time, feeding the soil, watering the roses at a certain time and just sipping the fragrance of the roses, once the water had saturated into the earth.  Every Sunday, a bunch of those roses was gracefully placed on the mantle in the dining room so that all could partake in it's delightful joy.  

This is the essence that my grandmother presented in anything that she did.  I watched her with yearning and deep feelings of love, as she would sing me a song or tell me a story whilst brushing my newly washed hair with green sunlight soap.   She was so patient and quiet yet exuded a presence of safety and calm.  She would go about her business in the same fashion with bringing in the birthing of a newborn whilst exalting in the beauty of such a gentle, tiny being, hanging in her arms, thrilled by the splashing of warm water onto it's newly exposed brown skin.

That is my grandmother, mother of ritual, ceremony and storytelling;  which would leave you totally satisfied with your imagination being ignited by her flame.

I carry her trait of seduction to the core.  I am able to weave your story into a fantasy that is both real and imagined.  I am passionate about collaborating with your very essence of your visions, tossing and turning, brainstorming and visioning, stretching your dreamworld to the beyond.  Are you ready?  Let me, Shafia Jamodien invite you to speak to me... I will listen intently, I promise.

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