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2023 special requests


I was invited on two occasions to celebrate two very special end-of-life ceremonies this year.

I feel blessed to be a part of families grieving and celebrating the life of dear ones that they have lost due to illness or other.  


Celebration of Life 
Chris Campbell
Nanaimo Yacht Club
20th Aug 2023 - 3pm

Alex Campbell, son of Chris Campbell thank Shafia for doing such a warm presentation upon such short notice.  Alex gave his endorsement to anyone hoping to use Shafia's services as a Celebrant.  All you have to do is give him a call at Flying Squirrel Club in Victoria, BC.

Celebration of Life
Shawn Wells
15 Oct 2023 - 2pm

You eased our worry and you brought such an ease and warm grounding energy into all of the planning of Shawn's Celebration of Life.  We so appreciate you.

xx Laurie & Mark


My husband Mark and I are so appreciative of Shafia's contribution to Shawn's celebration of Life.  Upon our first meeting we knew Shafia understood our vision of how we wanted to honour Shawn's life.  She listened deeply and asked insightful questions about all facets of his life, and through her process, we feel she fully learned the essence of who Shawn was and what made him tick.  She has a beautiful speaking voice which was both comforting and uplifting to listen to as she facilitated the event with grace and professionalism.  

We wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who is in need of a life cycle celebrant.  Thank you Shafia,

Laurie & Mark

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