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Consulting Services

No Obligation Consultation

A Comprehensive Approach

At the first meeting, be it online or in-person, I would take the opportunity of getting to know you.  I will be the listener, inviting you to pour out your passion about what you are bursting to create.  Thereafter, I would tell you about myself and the process of how we can collaborate on the birthing of your idea.  You and I will know and will confirm whether we are amicable with working together.  We will go over the contract, get the questionnaire sent to your individual emails and secure the plan,  having fun and joyful interaction in the process.  Call Shafia at Cell. 236 255 3407


Expert Guidance

I offer to individuals and couples, 1.5 hour treatments in the comfort of their chosen space.  I bring my table to you.  It can be at Nymph Falls, the Goose Spit, at the couple's hotel or retreat venue.  Everything is possible.  Dai Ko Myo is the symbol in Reiki Healing that is mystical and magical.  No words can describe it's essence.  One has to be the experiencer.

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